Repair flat rate

Price incl. VAT.

  Hurom Household Hurom Professional(HW)
Motor under warranty 79€ 99€
Switch 89€ 109€
Repair except Motor 129€ 149€
Motor o. of warranty 199€ 249€
H-AI Upgrade 169€  

Repair flat rate including shipping in Germany.

Abroad plus shipping.


Please pack your device securely for transport, as transport damage is the responsibility of the sender. These are not covered at a flat rate.


Devices must be sent in cleaned. If there are residues in the device, mold can form during transport. We charge a hygiene surcharge of € 30 in the event that mold has formed in the device.


The following damage is covered under the flat rate: press container, sieve, press screw, rotary brush, funnel, juice cap, pomace control, switch, electronics, seals and motor. A maximum of 4 of the above-mentioned spare parts are included in the scope of delivery. The container seal is usually always replaced and not counted.


If required, the H-AI conversion includes a new gearbox, a new press screw, a new press container and a new self-feeding funnel. This conversion applies to devices where the press container can no longer be removed from the device.


Excluded from the flat rate are: macroeconomic loss, transport damage, unprofessional external intervention


With the dispatch of the goods (via our returns portal) you give us a corresponding cost approval for the first repair stage € 129.


In the event of a suspected motor defect, we always assume the switch first. Should it be found during the engine warranty period that it is the engine, the flat rate drops from € 89 to € 79.

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Sheet for out of warranty repairs
Please fill out this sheet on your PC, print it our and include it with your device.
Hurom service sheet 2021.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 187.3 KB

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